Friday, March 23, 2012

Good times keep rolling

Well now you know that I am not always consistent, especially since I am a newbie to blogging. Since having my kiddos I have always struggled finding a balance to do everything. I think most moms would agree. And for me, adding blogging to the mix is no different. But I will do my best to do better. This week has been full on but with LOTS OF FUN! My husband and I went on an impromptu date night to hear an English band, Kaiser Chiefs, at a local venue which was absolutely brilliant. I managed to stay awake even though it was majorly past my bedtime. I couldn't believe that even though my bump is getting seriously big, I was able to manage wreckless dancing and hopping about.

We also took the opportunity of the recent snow dump and went an hour away to the local mountains. It was the girls first real play in the snow. Since we live by the beach we didn't completely have the right clothes but I will be better prepared next time. We still managed to tick all the boxes: snow balls, snow angels, snowman. Even through the whining they said they liked the snow. RESULT!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We like to mix it up

As I mentioned before, we are forever adding to our chaos. This time it's with a new baby. Yep, even after having our twin girls we decided to go for it again. Thankfully, and I mean that sincerely, we are only having 1 baby this time. (Honestly, I would have literally lost my mind if I had twins again.) We have just found out we are having a boy! I'm really excited because it's going to bring a totally new dynamic to our household which is currently full of pink and purple, fairies and princesses, baby dolls and continuous dress up. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind all that stuff - in fact I'm totally into dress up myself, but my husband is an ex-pro rugby player and even though he won't say it, I know he has got to be excited to have some more testosterone floating around the house. It's funny because he keeps saying the baby isn't real to him until it arrives. Of course my response is that 'this baby has been very real to me from day one'. Oh if only there was a pregnancy suit that had built in hormones which men could wear the entire time of your own pregnancy. Someone please invent this!

Ok, onto my point of this post. I am particularly excited about decorating a boy's nursery. My girls' room are full of murals which again are pink and purple, photos to follow at a later date. My taste is far from bland. I love color! Probably too much to some's taste, but they don't have to live with me. I know sophisticated children's rooms are the rage at the minute, but my opinion is that they have the rest of their lives to be sophisticated. Kids should be kids while they can and the more playful the better. I'm currently looking for inspiration in the nursery. I'm really into chalkboard paint and have decided to put a chair rail around the perimeter of the room with chalkboard paint on the bottom half so when I'm feeding him, my girls can be busy with that. Eventually the little fella will have his turn too. Have a look at the pics below, what do you think of the inspiration so far. Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to send them through....

Speak soon


Here is the concept of the chalk board walls but without the rail itself:

I really like the stripes on the ceiling and how they have defined the crib space:

The painted crib is a must but what color?

I love the bold color in here:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Forever adding to our chaos

Apparently there is new trend out there, urban chickens. Since I'm not entirely sure when it became a trend, I have to admit that we might be part of it. And you already know that I don't really like following the trends but c'est la vie . Our family has just celebrated our 1 year anniversary with our flock. We started out with 4 just to see how we got on. Sadly, we now only have three. But more on that later. The oddest part of it was picking them up in a package at the post office. Large orange stickers swarmed the box warming there were live baby chicks inside. (If only had kept the box to show you!) I thought to myself, surely postmen have to take an oath not to shake the boxes, right?! Luckily, they all made it out alive.  

The chickens of course were my husbands idea. (He secretly wants to be a farmer and recently asked if we could get bees but I had to say no to that one!)  I gladly agreed because why not? Perhaps growing up in Kansas had already prepared me somewhat for the urban farming lifestyle. Plus managing my brood is already hectic at the best of times so what's a few chickens?

Did I mention I'm not really a pet person? (I hope that doesn't discourage too many of you from reading our blog.) It's not that I don't like animals, I just always said to myself 'I would have children before pets'. I didn't want to be tied down looking after a pet. I wanted to travel and live freely, which I did to my hearts content. So once the family came along, and the husband asked - I thought ok, plus they are purposeful. We eat a ton of eggs anyway and with the cost of organic eggs I thought it could not only be a cost saving in the long run but also fun for the girls although I still haven't gotten around to naming all of them yet! After we lost one to a savage attack I just kinda detached I think. It was after all, our fault. I'm still regretful about that. But writing about them has made me think of naming the others. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

The past year has been filled with colorful stories of our urban chicken adventure. The latest of which is the fact that I didn't know chickens can get bored and peck each other, even to the death in some cases. I started researching different blogs to solve our problem and came across some that I wish I had read BEFORE I had ventured into this. I am sharing one in particular in case you ever consider it and want a financial breakdown.

This one is also just a great read. 

And of course I couldn't close this post without a pic of our lovely laying ladies.

Until we chat again,


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gaining perspective one click at a time

For one reason or another I have maintained reasonable distance from the incestuous technology stage we are all in. I'm not into surfing the net, I don't own an iphone or an ipad nor do I really want either. I was the last of my friends to join facebook and even with that, I have a 100 friend limit rule because to me its not a popularity contest. I genuinely want to be able to keep up my friendships with those 100. I have also only just started reading blogs and pinning pics. Why you ask? I guess I just wasn't interested in the virtual world. I preferred real experiences, with real people, face to face. I like shopping in an actual store and reading an actual newspaper or book. I feel, need vs want has really shifted in our society and I didn't want to get lured into the need/need culture we have become. I think I also like to buck the trend a bit. But now things have changed.

James and I are on a new adventure which requires me to connect the real and virtual world by searching the internet and getting up to speed on all that is savvy on the web. As I sit engrossed in this processed I am pleasantly surprised by the plethora of information and creativity that is out there. I am happy that I have expanded my circle. Perhaps I didn't need to keep such a distance. But with that said, I want to maintain my own perspective on keeping it real, for me. Having real experiences out in the world whether that be with nature or strangers.

While getting our heads around our new venture, we decided to take some time out to enjoy our surroundings. We are blessed enough to live in sunny San Diego. Here are some pics of a nearby garden where we like to go soak in perspective. Where do you go for yours?

Til next time,


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recycled Wall Art

Introducing the wife

Hello folks! I have been silent up until now because I just wasn’t really sure what I would blog about. I best warn you now that I am not exactly sure what you can expect to hear from me. Its likely to be random mommy madness, my insane home decorating ideas and a few other bits in between.

This particular post is related to my latest garage sale find. I truly love garage sales. Its a must to get there early to find the best deals but it doesn't mean you will always bag the best bargain. Being that I am currently 5 months pregnant and a stay at home mom of two and a half year old twin girls, I have been just too tired to get up at 6 on a weekend when I could finally be getting to sleep in on a Saturday. 

But this particular day I needed it. I had a giant mommy meltdown the day before and was just desperate for some time out of the house. Who knew that all that I needed to fix my funk was a pair of antlers? Not I. But as soon as I saw them, and scored them for $15, I knew exactly where they were to go. With just a little bit of glossy white spray paint, they brought the spunk in my sitting room I was looking for.

What do you think of the look? If you prefer something else, here is a fabulous version of antlers made out of kitchen ware. Which do you prefer?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jody White - you're my cup of tea!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Very cheeky, BBC America!

The Stateside version of the popular British network is reaching out the public with some hysterical ads.

Doctor Who, The Graham Norton Show, and Gordon Ramsay's creations, BBC America is taking over the transit system!

BBC America are also airing select games from the Six Nation Rugby

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For more info on BBC click here