Monday, March 12, 2012

We like to mix it up

As I mentioned before, we are forever adding to our chaos. This time it's with a new baby. Yep, even after having our twin girls we decided to go for it again. Thankfully, and I mean that sincerely, we are only having 1 baby this time. (Honestly, I would have literally lost my mind if I had twins again.) We have just found out we are having a boy! I'm really excited because it's going to bring a totally new dynamic to our household which is currently full of pink and purple, fairies and princesses, baby dolls and continuous dress up. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind all that stuff - in fact I'm totally into dress up myself, but my husband is an ex-pro rugby player and even though he won't say it, I know he has got to be excited to have some more testosterone floating around the house. It's funny because he keeps saying the baby isn't real to him until it arrives. Of course my response is that 'this baby has been very real to me from day one'. Oh if only there was a pregnancy suit that had built in hormones which men could wear the entire time of your own pregnancy. Someone please invent this!

Ok, onto my point of this post. I am particularly excited about decorating a boy's nursery. My girls' room are full of murals which again are pink and purple, photos to follow at a later date. My taste is far from bland. I love color! Probably too much to some's taste, but they don't have to live with me. I know sophisticated children's rooms are the rage at the minute, but my opinion is that they have the rest of their lives to be sophisticated. Kids should be kids while they can and the more playful the better. I'm currently looking for inspiration in the nursery. I'm really into chalkboard paint and have decided to put a chair rail around the perimeter of the room with chalkboard paint on the bottom half so when I'm feeding him, my girls can be busy with that. Eventually the little fella will have his turn too. Have a look at the pics below, what do you think of the inspiration so far. Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to send them through....

Speak soon


Here is the concept of the chalk board walls but without the rail itself:

I really like the stripes on the ceiling and how they have defined the crib space:

The painted crib is a must but what color?

I love the bold color in here:

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